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Whats been going on in BDA for the last days?

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1 Whats been going on in BDA for the last days? on Thu May 26, 2011 11:53 pm


Hello everyone, as you might have noticed, BDA has been down this days, not because of the USF merge thing.. i mean its brilliant as the army would have more active members and regulations, however why doesnt this happen? We have seen that an army with good status in a small hq does have success, but in a bigger hq has been a pain in the ass so far. Our members are starting to think that, as noone is ever at BDA, its going to die soon and that changes will have to be made, now why do ppl tihnk like that? Because now there are lots of high ranks, but without rights.. which means they can not go in hq or they have to annoy everytime a high rank with rights gets online so they can open door, kik some noob, etc.. Now this is because of the new hq.. now the hq is BIG, HUGE, how can anyone think that its wrong?? The hq is big , which will make it look empty even with 7 ppl working, which is more than we could get in the old hq.. 7 ppl working would mean 5 recruits at least, now he have got 3 recruits in the last week, and all of those made by high ranks only, we have almost nobody new working and new pvts dont even go to work, now its almost saturday and we might see everyone going for pay as usual, but who has been working these days?? Last summer BDA had a new base which was a success.. who made it a succes?? josh2b, lady-sky, and grave that were constantly working.. everyday i got there i saw them 3 doing a great job.. now if we have more high ranks why nothing happens yet? Because josh hasnt been on for school finals? Because grave's last log in was 3 days ago? Because sky hasnt be seen aroun BDA in a long time?? Now someone that would already in vacations would take care of BDA, as i tried to the first day i came back to habbo.. but guess what grave is told i want to trash and now no rights for darknive, so who else? they most active members this days have been awooders and ricardo, however we cant expect them to be kiking everyone can we? Josh ends his finals tomorrow, and hopefully he will help us to bring BDA back, but with moe being online only at nights, and grave not being on will he be enough? confused now BDA earned an average of 2.7 recruits each day.. this week we have got 3 recruits.. 3!? NOONE IS WORKING, they have better things to do, like go to carnivals! FF! Mazes! and BDA? noone is in charge, so who cares right?


i agree becuase we have a big HQ no one wants to work becuase no one will notace if there working anywas and i have finals tommarow and i still get on cuz well i can care less but if think they do care they should study but i am always on and always will be there to kik but i cant have people calling me every 5 mins.....


idk what ur talking about im on daily too. i help with the BDA. hell whenever im there i see ppl not working they just lobby camp. there are times me a high ran kare working and lower ranks sit in VIP. still with this new base. i am on daily wether it be for 5 minutes. we do have lives but i try to get on to help BDA. so idk where u get only ricardo and wooders are only workers lately. the past few days i may not have been on all day but any other day im on all day everyday for the past 100 days striaght. yes i know we are having alot of problems. which is why i say we make it that people log on and work. like thsi we need to be active i believe we should make a new forum for everyone to join. we make all workers even recruits join it. and rules are u have to be on forum and at BDA. and make it like if ur not on and 2 or 3 days pass and ur not on Forum and in HQ working your fired unless u got a legitimate excuse as to why you cant get on.if this is a good idea feel free to comment. also ive been working to make it a rule if ur in HQ ur in the Front row working not lobby camping. even if there is noone to recruit. wats the difference if ur sitting in lobby doing nothing or sitting in Front row doing nothing. kidna ranting on and this comment is a mess i know but im half asleep and need a cig lol.


I havn't been on lately because I been busy in r/l lately and I told grave about it



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